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Sustainable fish. How to find out what to eat now...

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As a delicious, brilliantly healthy and versatile source of protein, fish can’t be beaten.

As a delicious, brilliantly healthy and versatile source of protein, fish can’t be beaten. Unfortunately our worldwide enthusiasm for fish and the often careless fashion we go about catching them means that worldwide fish stocks are still in serious decline. Add to this the effects of climate change and pollution on fish stocks worldwide and the future is definitely not bright for a lot of our fishy friends. 

The good thing is though that industry and consumer awareness has increased hugely over recent years and fishmongers, chefs, shop owners and fish suppliers are shifting focus onto sustainably managed fish stocks, more environmentally friendly fish production processes and the kinds of fish which are more sustainable and less affected by overfishing - or which can be farmed in a more eco-friendly way. This means that we can continue to enjoy fish as part of our diet, and can feel confident that relevant information is widely available to help us navigate the complexities of which fish to choose.

Your first port of call is your friendly fishmonger...

(that’s me, or Stu and we can be found most days in the Anyfish shop). We can recommend the most sustainable, seasonal fish for you, make recipe recommendations and prepare you fish so it’s all ready to cook. 

There are some excellent websites, full of information about sourcing sustainable fish and packed with information about fish stocks, marine projects and which fish to choose. Our favourites are (the Marine Conservation Society website) and (the Marine Stewardship Council website). 

These handy illustrations showing a selection of the current 'good fish' to go for is from the excellent 'good fish guide'...



Both of these fish focussed websites have excellent, up to date lists of all the sustainable fish available and also the ones which you’re best avoiding if possible. There are also details about fish seasonality and which countries are best for which fish. You can find out about fishing methods too and how to avoid fish which may have been caught using frowned-upon processes. There are more handy pictures of all the types of fish too so you’ll always be able to spot the type you’re after when you’re out and about.



Some of our favourite chefs website’s are great places to find out about sustainable fish and ways to cook them too. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s has lots of lovely recipes for making with sustainable fish and it’s also the home of Hugh’s fish fight which was the campaign to end fish wastage. Jamie Oliver’s website is home to lots of great recipes too. His Friday night show, with Jimmy Doherty, often focusses on sustainable fish choices and there are some great, quick recipe ideas for everything from shellfish to cuttlefish to mackerel.

If your mobile phone is your first port of call when it comes to finding out facts, there are some very useful apps available too. There’s a new ‘good fish guide’ app available for both iPhone and android and also plenty of apps which help recommend restaurants and eateries which make it their mission to serve up sustainable fish.



There’s so much we can do to help keep the world turning and thinking about the fish we eat is an easy win. Call into the Anyfish shop if you’d like more information.

The fab fish illustrations used in this blog are all from the Good Fish Guide Website. Pop over there for more of the same and a whole netful of useful information.