A good time to plan in a charter boat trip...

January’s all about planning for us at Anyfish...

Pinning up the new calendar and adding in those all-important Birthdays, checking out which anniversaries will make good excuses for celebration and making sure we’ve booked in a bit of holiday. We like to make sure we earmark a few days here and there to get out and about, see the sights and make the most of time with family and friends just so the year doesn’t turn out to be all work and no play. We will of course also be making sure that there's plenty of time to head onto the Solent in our Charter fishing boat, Dotty.

If this year brings a special Birthday for you, or someone in your family is due to turn 21, 50 or 75, perhaps now is the time to think about doing something a bit different to celebrate? A day trip, fishing afternoon or a relaxing cruise over to the Isle of Wight on the Anyfish Charter boat would make a brilliant alternative gift too - whether it’s for a friend, for someone in your family or for yourself.

The great thing about an Anyfish boat trip is that we can tailor make it to perfectly suit the occasion.

For example, if you and a group of mates fancy trying a spot of fishing then we can pack up plenty of fishing tackle and bait and take you on a tour from Hamble Marina, out onto the Solent seas.

We can teach you a few tricks of the trade (whether you’re an absolute beginner or seasoned expert) and can take you out to some of our favourite fishing spots so there’s the best possible chance of you catching something spectacular for your tea. If you’d like to bring a picnic, that’s fine by us but alternatively we can provide a selection of snacks or sandwiches using some of the delicious ingredients to be found in the Anyfish shop. Smoked salmon, prawn cocktail, a selection of delicious antipasti and olives, ham or interesting Continental cheese - we’re happy to cater to your every whim.

When you do catch some fish, we can clean and prepare them for you- and we can even smoke them for you at our very own Smokehouse if you’d like us to. We can take five people out on a fishing trip at a time so why not consider getting a group together for a nice day out?

If you fancy celebrating on the Solent seas but fishing's not really your thing, a day trip out on our charter boat in the sunshine could still be a great solution. We can transport up to eight people from Hamble Marina, out onto the Solent and across to the Isle of Wight for some sightseeing, shopping or a slap-up pub lunch.

We can keep you supplied with celebratory champagne, provide snacks and we’ll make sure we travel at a speed that suits you. If do you fancy a spot of fishing on the way, then we can provide rods and tackle. You can even bring along a Birthday cake or a bunch of balloons - we’re up for whatever you think will help make the day even more special.

A charter boat trip on the Anyfish boat is a great opportunity to take some fabulous photos, see the sailing boats, get close to a cruise ship or hang out at Cowes week.

You can opt for a full day out, a few hours focussed fishing or an afternoon cruise to watch the sun go down.


Just get in touch via email, give us a call or drop into the shop to have a chat about the kind of charter boat trip you’d like. We’ll come up with some ideas for you if needs be and can book you into the Anyfish diary so you don’t miss out. Then you can leave the rest to us and just get ready to jump aboard and thoroughly enjoy yourself in our capable hands.

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