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It's not just smoked salmon that comes from our Anyfish smokery...

Andrew Hatcher

Just outside the bustling Bishop's Waltham Town Centre, is the Anyfish Smokehouse. Based in a rustic converted barn, we started it up with the help of a  DEFRA Rural Enterprise grant which is specially for projects with potential to help boost the local rural economy and we're very proud of our little cottage industry.


We produce both hot and cold smoked products at the Anyfish Smokehouse...

(the difference being the temperature of the smoke rather than the spiciness of the result!) and as well as selling  them in the anyfish fishmonger's shop, we also supply products to plenty of local cafes and businesses.

Our smoked salmon is our most popular line and we smoke stacks of it. The salmon comes from Wester Ross, a well established Scottish firm with excellent ethical standards and fabulous fish. We take our time over the smoking process because that's what gets the best results, and that's why our smoked salmon tastes so good.

But salmon isn't the only thing we smoke...

Poultry including chicken and duck work brilliantly smoked and the resulting meat is tender, moist and flavoursome. We create fabulous tasting kippers and smoked mackerel (peppered or not) and as well as selling the fillets in the Anyfish shop, we also make our own mackerel pate. Come Christmastime we smoke whole hams, all ready for the festive table (you can order yours at the same time as you order you Christmas turkey).

It's true to say that we're all pretty familiar with a multitude of recipes that use smoked salmon. From a scrummy sandwich to a fancy quiche, a sprinkle on spaghetti to something spectacular, served up on a silver platter, smoked salmon usually pops up on the average family menu at least once in a while but simple uses for some of our other smoked products are a little less well known.

Take our smoked mackerel for example...

Delicious in a salad or served up alongside a buttery jacket spud and a dollop of cream cheese. Also ideal for fashioning a fishcake or filling a pie. This most versatile, brain boosting fish also makes a brilliant addition to macaroni cheese or cauliflower and broccoli gratin and we've also spotted this simple Spanish style, one pot dish which combines potato, peppers, cherry tomatoes, mackerel, a sprinkling of paprika and parsley. Scrumptious and super speedy.

Our smoked chicken fillets work wonders in a salad...

They're excellent if you're following a low-fat diet (or not) and really useful to have in the fridge if you need a fast supper. Combine with pasta, potatoes or couscous or try something like this spectacularly colourful (but pretty instant) Mexican style salad by just adding salad leaves, avocado, sweetcorn, tomato, coriander and vinaigrette to your smoked, sliced chicken. Now that's superfood for you.

For something a little more exotic (but still quick and easy) our smoked duck fillets make a great Chinese-style noodle stir fry. Combine your favourite noodles with a light soy, black bean or plum sauce and just add sliced smoked duck and a handful of sliced spring onions. Stir fry and serve. Simple.


Smoked ham is the ultimate classic...

...and at the Anyfish smokehouse we do it brilliantly. It's not just for Christmas either - we can smoke one for you at any time of the year which means plenty of summery ham salads, something for the buffet table or a weekend feast whenever you want it.

If you fancy something a little smoky, courtesy of the Anyfish smokehouse why not pop into the shop and pick up some smoked salmon, mackerel or poultry - or if you're planning something special, give us a call on  01489 896111 or drop us an email via to place an order or get some ideas - we're always full of bright ones.

(The recipe shots above come from,, and via Pinterest. Search out 'smoked recipes' for these and similar.)