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Crowd pleasing fish recipes for outside entertaining...

Andrew Hatcher

At last, some sunshine! Now the summer holidays are starting in earnest, we’ve been thinking about fish recipes (and spotted some inspirational pics on Pinterest) to suit all the events, activities and celebrations that are fast filling up our diaries. Everyone knows that food tastes better eaten in the great outdoors and fresh fish is always especially fabulous ‘al fresco’. Whether you’re planning a posh garden party for friends, a picnic by the sea, you’re celebrating a family event or have a wedding or Christening to arrange, we’ll have plenty of deliciously fresh fish at the Anyfish fishmonger’s shop, all summer long and plenty of recipe ideas if you’re a bit flummoxed.

For example, how about starting with a real showstopper? - Whole poached salmon. This classic always looks beautiful, suits even the pickiest people and is surprisingly simple to pull off to perfection.

When you buy your whole salmon from us, you can borrow one of our fish kettles and we’ll clean your fish and prep it all ready for you to cook. Head on or head off - it’s totally up to you. 

The whole fish goes into the kettle and then you just add enough water to cover it, plus a couple of bay leaves, a quartered lemon and a couple of tablespoons of white wine or wine vinegar. Pop the lid on, put the kettle across two rings of the stove and bring the kettle up to the boil. Once boiling, turn the heat off and allow the fish to cool whilst it stands in the water.

Then you can remove the salmon and lay it on a board whilst you scrape of the skin. Put your salmon on a large flat dish and decorate with cucumber slices and lemon. Accompany with Hollandaise sauce and salad - fabulous.

Fish can make the best appetisers too so if you’re throwing a party in the garden and need some nibbles, drop into the shop and see what we have to offer. Smoked salmon from our very own smokehouse makes brilliant blinis - just add cream cheese a sprinkle of chives and a squeeze of lemon and if blinis are a step too far catering-wise, this works just as well on this slices of toasted baguette.

Smoked fish is also the perfect quiche ingredient. We love smoked, peppered mackerel and watercress best but smoked salmon and spinach always goes down well too. To avoid making a mess of serving and slicing up a large quiche, opt for mini ones which are just as easy to construct.

Prawns also make an excellent addition to a great British garden party. Super versatile you can pop them in shot glasses with a little mixed up mayo & ketchup and shredded lettuce, add them to salads, lay them out with smoked salmon as a fish platter or perhaps even create a modern twist to everyone’s favourite 80s classic - the prawn vol-au-vent. Simpler than you’d think - all you need is a pack of frozen pastry which you cut into little rounds and bake, some prawns, creme fraiche, herbs and lemon or paprika. Instant guest satisfaction.

We’re full of bright ideas (and have some excellent fish recipe books) so whatever the occasion just nip into the Anyfish shop next time you’re passing and pick our brains. We can provide whole salmon, smoked fish, fresh fish, shellfish and plenty of delicious deli items to help make your summertime spread something truly spectacular.

(The fabulously fishy pictures were from the BBC Good Food & Art de fete boards on Pinterest. Nip over and have a browse around for similar recipes).