For fabulous fresh fish - you can rely on Anyfish...

At the Anyfish shop, we like to think that we're pretty good at what we do. 

Fishmonger's with 25 years of fishy experience (and counting) we're always well stocked with a brilliant selection of fresh fish. With varieties from the UK and beyond, we're careful to source sustainably and we always keep an eye on seasonality. Just from looking at our fish, you can tell it's fresh. Bright, glassy eyes, moist skin, pink gills and a mild sea-air smell is what you want - and what you'll get from Anyfish fresh fish.

Take these two varieties for example: lemon sole (the brown one) and bream (the silvery one). 

Both super simple to cook up into something pretty spectacular. Lemon sole is a popular British flat fish with a mild sweet flavour. Similar to plaice dab and flounder, lemon sole can be simply floured and shallow fried for fish and chips, deep fried till crispy or served up in with a seafood sauce and spring vegetables. Delicious.

Bream has a coarser, succulent texture to the flesh which makes it absolutely ideal for grilling, baking or frying. 

If you'd rather take fillets away than a whole fish then we can easily prepare your bream in the shop for you - then all you need to do is pop it in a tin foil parcel with some herbs and butter and serve with some accompanying veg. Lovely.

If you fancy something a bit fancy, then how about looking at lobster? 

With meaty flesh and a great flavour, there are loads of brilliant recipes that will make the most of this king of crustaceans. Grill simply on a barbecue, steam and serve with butter sauce, create a mousse or risotto, or go for the eighties classic - lobster thermidor. Lobster doesn't have to be hard work either. Just let us know if you're only after tails - or you want help with any particular preparation. We're always very happy to help.

A couple of meaty hake steaks also make a marvellous meal. 

Hake has a mild flavour but firm texture and is best poached with lemon juice or griddled and served with a big salad. 

Fresh prawns are always an Anyfish favourite (in fact we usually have every kind of prawn you can think of in the Anyfish Shop). 

If you don't want to deal with the heads or shells that's no problem, but these super healthy, super tasty shellfish are always a winner. Griddle on a skewer, add to a delicious fresh pasta dish, incorporate into a salad or pile into a posh prawn cocktail. Our fresh prawns, tiger prawns, shell-on or shell-off prawns and frozen prawns are well worth stocking up on. 


Fresh mackerel is one of those fish that are hard to beat. 

Whether you've bought a couple from the Anyfish shop, or caught your own on a trip out on the Solent in our Charter boat -these fabulously flavoursome fish are amazing in salads (just grill or barbecue with a squeeze of lemon). They're great stuffed with salsa verde (mix up some chopped capers, basil, mint, anchovies and olive oil and pop some in the cavity) and grilled - or cooked in a Moroccan style tagine with mediterranean vegetables.


As well as plenty of recipe ideas and new ways to cook your fish, 

at the Anyfish shop we also have lots of condiments, sauces and accompaniments. Samphire is one of our favourites and we always try to have plenty of it in because it really is the perfect companion for fish. 

Although it's not strictly fresh fish, there's also our smoked Scottish salmon. 

Super useful to have in the fridge for serving up in a sandwich, sprinkling on a salad, tossing into pasta or whizzing up into a pate. We smoke our salmon ourselves so we know that it tastes great and it's very competitively priced. For Christmas, it's a brilliant addition to the buffet or breakfast table, it's healthy enough for 'New Year, new you', it's perfect with spring veg, and delicious in summery quiches. In short - an ideal ingredient for all year round.

There are a myriad of other types of fish, always available at the Anyfish fishmonger's.

If you want something a little bit different or want to make sure we'll have a certain type of fish in for you on a certain date, then do give us a call to check or place an order.