A special boat trip for a special birthday…

A couple of weeks ago, our brand new charter boat made its maiden charter voyage, complete with five fun-loving ladies and their enthusiastic Cabin-Boy.  The occasion was a very special birthday and the weather was suitably beautiful - blue sky and a gentle early-autumn breeze. Em (the birthday girl) had known nothing about the trip until she pulled up at Hamble’s Universal Marina and her face was a picture as we escorted her to the boat which was polished and primped to perfection.  She was pretty surprised (and delighted) about the boat trip, but even more so when her best friends popped up from below deck to greet her with warm hugs and a nice cold bottle of champagne.

After a quick tour around the boat and the customary health and safety briefing, the girls got stuck into the champagne and nibbles whilst we cruised gently down the River Hamble. With plenty of room to move around between the deck and the galley, and the choice of sitting on the deck in the sunshine or relaxing in the cabin, the cheery crew had an opportunity to catch up and relax whilst enjoying the view of all the other boats sailing out to sea.

We then headed out into the Solent, picking up speed, our destination Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The plan was to visit our favourite pub (table reserved ready) for a slap-up lunch, so we moored up in our allocated space at Cowes Marina and showed our high spirited passengers the way. After a thorough refuelling at the pub there was the ideal opportunity for them to make the most of the local shops whilst we prepped the boat for an afternoon cruise.

When the team of spent-out shoppers returned it was time to take a tour around the fabulous Isle of Wight coastline. The glorious sunshine tempted a couple of brave crew-members to jump in for a swim and we set up a line or two so everyone could try a spot of mackerel fishing. Once we’d caught enough for tea, it was time to start heading for home, back across the bustling Solent and up the River Hamble to our mooring point at the Marina. We’d set out at 11.30 that morning and moored back at 6.30pm so it had been a good full day’s cruise and we’d definitely made the most of the glorious weather.

Everyone seemed thoroughly pleased with their birthday charter boat trip and the Birthday Girl was over the moon. Her husband definitely scored plenty of brownie points for masterminding the plan and I think we’ll be seeing some of her friends on the boat again very soon.


If you’d like to organise a similar Birthday celebration, Anniversary treat or special fishing trip for a friend or partner, why not get in touch? A trip like Em’s would cost around £300 for the full day. There’s enough space to invite six people along on our charter boat and we can plan a route specially for you, complete with strategic pub stop or specially prepared lunch (our own smoked salmon perhaps?) on the boat. Try fishing if you like. Relax and enjoy yourself for sure. Our charter boat trips around the Hamble River and Solent are very competitively priced and can be tailored to suit the occasion. Drop us a line at pete@anyfish.co.uk or call 01489 896111.

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