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Samphire now on sale in the Anyfish fishmonger shop in Bishops Waltham…

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Samphire has historically been considered to be a bit of a foodie delicacy, but although it is packed with plenty of delicious gourmet-worthy flavour it is definitely a sea vegetable that is no longer reserved for posh restaurants and fine dining. This salty vegetable grows in the UK, in rocky and marshy areas near the sea. Each stem is around 3-4 inches, vibrantly green coloured and nice and crisp and it can be turned into a variety of delicious recipes.

Samphire is a particular friend of fish.

There are loads of recipes for fish and samphire to be found in a cookbook near you, or in one of our recipe books at the Anyfish fishmonger shop (just pop in when you're next passing). Samphire is in the prime of its growing season at the moment so we’re making sure we’re well stocked at all times. If you're stuck for a good idea for supper, nip into the Anyfish fishmongers, buy a bunch of samphire along with some fresh fish - and you can make a meal of it in no time.

Cooking samphire is pretty straightforward and definitely speedy. 

Firstly, give your samphire a rinse and remove any little bits of root or woody stems. Then break up any pieces that are a lot larger than others, just so it’ll all cook evenly. The cooking options for samphire are; blanching in boiling water for a couple of minutes, steaming or frying. Don’t be tempted to add any extra salt because samphire is already fairly salty. If you steam or boil it, add a knob of butter after cooking. One other delicious way to serve samphire is as a batter encrusted tempura - well worth a try and much easier to prepare than it sounds.

Samphire makes a brilliant simple accompaniment to fish or shellfish.

Just serve on the side as a vegetable. You can also mix samphire in with a seafood pasta or risotto to add colour and crunch. 

We’ve been having a look around the world wide web for a few new samphire and fish recipe ideas that we think will go down a storm with friends or family. All simple to prepare, super tasty and made with ingredients that are easily picked up from the Anyfish fishmonger shop. The first one's a bit more complicated than the others but it's well worth it , especially if you've got someone special to impress.


The Great British Chef's Salmon with Samphire and Mussels (

INGREDIENTS | 600g of mussels, 1 diced carrot, 1 diced shallot, 150ml of white wine, 1 bay leaf,  thyme, 2 tomatoes.

FOR THE BEURRE BLANC | 1 finely chopped shallot, 150ml dry white wine, 2tbsp white wine vinegar, 1 bay leaf, thyme, 3 peppercorns, 250g butter, 100ml cream, seasoning.

TO SERVE | 800g samphire, lemon juice & butter, salmon pieces or steaks.

METHOD | Firstly prep your mussels by cleaning, de-bearding and removing any partly open ones. You can ask us about this bit in more detail when you pop into the shop if you like. Then heat a large pan over a medium heat. Add the carrot, mussels, shallot, white wine, bay leaf and mussels. Place a lid on the pan immediately and steam until the mussels open, then allow to cool. Remove the mussels from their shells and set aside.

Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water for 10 seconds, then plunge them into ice cold water and remove the skins. Cut into little cubes.

To prepare the beurre blanc, add the shallot, wine, vinegar and herbs in a saucepan, bring to the boil and reduce down by three quarters. Add the cream and then reduce down again to half. Whisk in the butter, a little chunk at a time then sieve the sauce and keep warm.

Once the liquid has reduced, add the cream and reduce again by half. Slowly whisk in the butter a piece at a time, then pass through a sieve and season to taste. Keep it warm.

Blanche your samphire in boiling water and then toss in a knob of butter and a squeeze of lemon. Pan fry your salmon in olive oil and butter. 3or 4 minutes a side should do it depending on the thickness. Meanwhile add the mussels and tomato to your sauce and warm through. Plate up, beginning with a pile of samphire, then salmon and finishing with a couple of spoonfuls of sauce.

For full recipe and photos pop along to the excellent


Olive magazine's Linguine with Samphire and Prawns (olive

INGREDIENTS | 200g of inguine, 150g tiger or king prawns, peeled & cooked, 150g blanched samphire, zest of 1 lemon, 2tbsp creme fraiche.

METHOD | Cook the pasta and drain. Add it back to your pan and add the prawns, samphire, lemon zest and crème fraîche until everything is heated through. Add a scrunch of black pepper and squeeze over little bit of lemon juice before serving.

For full recipe and photos pop along to the scrumptious

Delicious magazine's Fish parcels with lemon, capers and samphire. (

INGREDIENTS | 1tbsp olive oil, 15g butter, 1 large shallot finely chopped, 4tbsp dry white wine, 4 fillets of black bream, 1/2 sliced lemon, 150g samphire.

METHOD | Heat oven to 180°C and prep 4 x 25cm square-ish pieces of baking paper. Heat file and butter in pan and fry the shallot for a couple of minutes, add capers and wine and simmer for a couple of minutes more. Lay a fillet of bream on each piece of paper and pour a little of your butter mixture on top. Add a lemon slice on top and a scrunch of salt and pepper. Fold up the paper so it's all sealed in. Bake in a roasting tin and bake for about 12 mins 'til the fish is cooked through (have a sneaky look into one of the parcels to check). Whilst the fish is cooking, steam your samphire and then add a knob of butter and some pepper. Serve with the fish (in the parcels) and some new potatoes.

For full recipe and photos pop along to aptly named delicious

You can find the ingredients for all of these fish with samphire recipes at the Anyfish fishmongers shop. If you want any more ideas or help then just ask and if you want to check we have what you need in advance, just give us a call on 01489 896111.

Charter Boat Season is officially underway for Anyfish!

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Dotty, the Anyfish charter boat has been out and about pretty regularly throughout this year (she’s robust enough to handle wild, wintry Solent waters) but she really comes into her own in the Summertime. We’ve spruced her up, scrubbed her decks, given her a full safety check and some general maintenance - and now she’s ship shape and ready for a long summer of cruising across to the Isle of Wight, fishing on the Solent and messing about on the river.

We had a little trial boat trip on the Anyfish Charter Boat last week.

The weather was changeable but when the sun came it it was glorious. There’s always plenty to see all around the Hamble Marina - lots of lovely wildlife and the opportunity to imagine yourself owning one of the superb yachts which are inevitably moored up around the place. We then pootled about for a hour or so, making sure everything was in order and then headed out into the Solent for some fishing.

There are lots of great reasons to hire the Anyfish charter boat…

- You can have a relaxing day cruise to the Isle of Wight...


You can chill out in the sunshine, taking in the view whilst we head out into the Solent waters. Bring your own refreshments, or we can provide something to suit. Once we get to the Isle of Wight, there’s plenty of shopping and exploring to be done, or we can just deliver you to the pub for a slap up lunch and pick you up after an hour or two. On our return you can just enjoy the wind in your hair, or if you’d like to try a spot of fishing we can provide tackle and tuition. 

- You can learn to fish or improve your fishing skills...

When it comes to fishing, the Anyfish team are pretty well versed. Pete can host you and your friends on a fishing day out or a shorter trip if that suits you better. If you have your own tackle and fishing kit, you can bring that along or if you’d rather we supply it you only need to ask. We can help you to learn the basic techniques or if you’re more experienced we can give you a few tips, or leave you to your own devices. 

- You can get closer to the action at Cowes Week...


There are plenty of exciting activities happening in the Solent this year. As well as regular regattas and plenty of sailing events which make great spectator sports, the annual boat-a-rama which is Cowes Week is the perfect opportunity to take a cruise over the water. There’s lots to look at and do and you avoid the ferry queues too

- You can celebrate a special Birthday or Anniversary...

It can be quite tricky to come up with a great way to make a special birthday or anniversary super memorable. Booking a charter boat trip however is a brilliant way to get together with friends or family and do something a little bit different. You can bring bubbly or a Birthday cake, we can provide a delicious picnic lunch and we can treat you to a truly fun and entertaining trip out - to wherever you want to go - and at whatever pace you like.


- You can make it a Boy’s Day Out...

If you’d like an alternative to a day on the golf course, a day out on our charter boat could be just the ticket. Getting to grips with a fishing rod, sharing a few beers and catching up in style - now that’s a great way to while away a few hours with your buddies. If you split the cost between you, it’s very good value too.

- You can hang out with the family for a while...

Finding something that the whole family can enjoy together is sometimes a bit of a challenge, but there’s something for everyone on our charter boat day trips. Whether your preference is relaxing in the sunshine and taking in the view, learning a little bit about boats or spotting wildlife, or if you fancy trying a spot of fishing - we can create a bespoke day to suit you all - that’s a great way for everyone to catch up.

It’s only the start of Summer now, but it’s the perfect time to plan. If you know you have a celebration to arrange, or you want to make the most of an upcoming event, why not get something in the diary now? Give Pete a call if you want to find out more, or pop over to the charter boat page on our website.

A fish recipe extravaganza for the MasterChefs...

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Last night we were glued (even more than usual) to the TV gold that is BBC1’s MasterChef. Ever since Lloyd Grossman invented the concept a gazillion years ago, we’ve been in turn wowed, inspired, horrified and blown away by the myriad of menus that have been rustled up in that extremely well equipped MasterChef kitchen. There are few people who won’t have shouted ‘It’s burning!’, ‘Aren’t those just glorified fish fingers?’ or ‘What on earth is she doing to that sea urchin?’ during one of the many episodes of this classic culinary competition. We’ve cried along with the winners, laughed along with Greg Wallace and felt terrified for the contestants when it’s their turn up against the critics - but last night we were particularly interested because it was an entirely fish-focussed round.

The seven budding MasterChefs were each tasked with creating a fabulous fish dish that would become part of a sumptuous three course fish lunch.

This was to be served up to some seriously knowledgeable fish experts, industry top bods, chefs and fish restaurant owners at the very impressive Fish Hall in London. Fish Hall is home to The Fishmonger’s Company, an ancient City Guild, responsible for upholding standards in the UK fish and shellfish industries and also for supporting pro- fish organisations nationwide. It is also a very impressive historical building, with a lovely riverside location - perfect for a spot of lunch.

The keen amateur cooks had each come up with dishes to celebrate fish - recipes which kept our fishy friends firmly in the starring roles.

They had all chosen different fish - everything from mackerel to hake, prawns to octopus - and there was even a sprinkling of shellfish and a spoonful or two of squid ink, just to add a finishing flourish.

To kick things off, contestant Steve knocked up a prawn cocktail (sort of). He didn’t start things off all that well when he criticised his granny’s seventies style prawn cocktail because, let’s be honest, everyone loves a classic seventies prawn cocktail, complete with iceberg lettuce don’t they? As a consequence his avocado wrapped prawns didn’t go down brilliantly with the waiting guests. Lorna however came up trumps with a delicious looking trio of crispy plaice tacos, salsa and sauce -yum. The starters were swiftly followed by a scrumptious selection of fish curries including spicy prawns, a ‘sous vide’ fish dish with gnocchi and clams, a hearty hake and chorizo platter and an octopus and squid ink concoction. All of the fish recipes sounded brilliant in theory and some were delivered fabulously on the plate too.

The overall response from the hungry recipients was positive. They were all full-on fish fans, but the contestant’s special fish menu really did celebrate the humble fish in all it’s fantastic forms. It reminded us that the great thing about fish is that it truly is a seriously versatile ingredient - you can spice it up, deep fry it, put it in a bap, add it to a stew - you name it.

We’re full of bright ideas for recipes for the weekend now and we’ve got plenty of excellent fresh fish and shellfish in the Anyfish shop that’ll easily transform into MasterChef inspired showstoppers.

Now we come to think about it, we can’t think of a better accompaniment to tonight’s fish and chip supper (that’ll be seasoned and breaded, pan fried plaice with proper thick cut potatoes and a dollop of minty mushy peas, if you’re wondering) than the next episode of must-see MasterChef. Tonight we’ll be seeing Jae Rayner and William Sitwell passing judgement on the chef’s creations, in their own inimitable styles - and we might just pick up a few more fish recipe ideas too. See you in front of the box from 8.30.

Keep an eye on the MasterChef website for links to the show recipes. For more information and excellent photos like the ones we've shown in this post - follow MasterChef on Facebook.